A day with my sons....priceless

Brownville Trails
The Brownville Snowmobile Club as well as the KI Riders
ATV club spent hours this summer and fall improving the
quality of the area's trail system.  $23,000 was invested in the
Lakeview Trail. Replacing bridges, clearing lines of sight,
signage  and brushing were amongst the.... fun activities!
Really we had a blast. Come check out our efforts!

2018  Katahdin Snowmobile Map

If you don't already know, Maine offers some of the best
snowmobiling in New England. There are over 13,000 miles
of groomed ITS trails in the State and hundreds of miles of
back country trails.  These area connecting trails are some
of the  finest in Maine.  The sledding doesn't get any better!

When staying at Wildwoods you can choose a destination in
a different direction each day, all with beautiful scenery.

Remember it is a privilege for a landowner to us allow trails
on their property.  Please be respectful and stay on marked
trails,  T H I N K  S N O W !!

Effective 2018 The
Wildwoods Trail
is now the
111 Connector.

Heading North
continue on the
111 Connector 12
miles out is the Jo
Mary Riders Trail
System and the
beautiful Katahdin
Loop Trails.

Head South from
us for 3 miles on
the 111 Connector
Trail which then
connects to the
Junction of
ITS 83 & ITS 82.

Watch out for
Schoodic Lake with view of Mt. Katahdin
Cheri, Chris & Erik

Trail Reports
will be

updated each
time we
groom on the
Cheri Brackett
Browville SC
& Wildwoods

We have a
park & ride
area.  Come
enjoy riding at
it's best!
* * *
The Trails Around Wildwoods and Beyond...
Only Have a Day?  Come Park & Ride
the trails around Wildwoods.

Running on empty??? Available on site  premium
gasoline, fuel additives &  oil.  Great Food, Cold
Beer if your running on empty....:)