Trail Groomer Fundraiser

Beautiful Katahdin
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Trail Fundraiser
I'm broke...again...
OUR GOAL for you...
A quality groomed trail...
1987 Tucker Sno-Cat
who wishes to be
Wildwoods Lodge:
The Gateway to the Katahdin region.

Located in Brownville, nestled among 100 acres of
beautiful Maine wilderness,is leasily accessible to
Ebemee Scenic Gauntlet Trail,
Greenville/Moosehead Region, Katahdin Iron Works
(KI) and the famous B52 crash site on Elephant
Mountain, Kokadjo, LaGrange/Medford Trestle,
Lincoln and Millinocket.  With connector trails to the
popular Jo Mary trail system and Maine ITS trails,
the possibilities are limitless!

We want to provide riders with the best groomed
trails second to none.  Wildwoods Lodge is
partnered with the local snowmobile club.  The
current groomer we operate is a 1987 Tucker
SnoCat that has far outlived its reliable service and
is ready for retirement.  Without a front blade, it is
challenging to flatten corners and remove moguls to
provide a quality ride on smooth and flat trails.

With the high volume of traffic, a stronger, more
powerful machine with a blade is necessary to
maintain our trails in optimal condition and provide
riders with the trails they dream about.

Whether stopping along your journey for a home
cooked meal, staying at our all amenities Wildwoods
cabins, or leaving from our park and ride to access
great trails on your way to whatever Maine destitation
you choose, come enjoy the wild of Katahdin with us!

Although we are now at the end of our 2016/2017
riding season, please help us spread the word and
raise the funds to bring a new groomer to our trail
system for the 2017/2018 riding season and make it
our best yet!

Please share our campaign with your friends and
fellow RIDERS.  We appreciate and thank you for
your support.