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Wildwoods Trailside  Cabins, Lodge & Restaurant

Wildwoods Trailside Cabins, Lodge & Restaurant is owned by Cheri Brackett & her son
Christopher. Along with the help of her family & Moose the Lodge puppy.

Cheri grew up on a sawmill in the Adirondack Mountain Region of Upstate New York.  
As most young people growing up in a remote area do, they leave once they graduate...
(thinking there are greener  pastures)  She moved to the Boston area and received her
degree in business.  She was employed for 19 years by a major insurance carrier and
has two sons; Erik and Chris.

But people always return to their roots. Although Maine is not NY, the community of
Brownville felt like returning home.  Which was important when looking for the property.

Over time,  I made the decision to make the big move and to pursue her dream of
owning her own lodge and cabin rental business. I purchased 120 +/- acres in January
of 2004 after many months of searching for the perfect location.     Define perfect you

Lets’ say I know how important it is after driving for hours on a Friday after work, to
simply wake up on Saturday morning.  Walk outside and linger over a great cup of
coffee while checking out the area trail map. All without having to get back into the truck
and trailer the toys to the nearest trail.  That’s the perfect location to me, and let’s not
forget an area that has lots of SNOW!!!

Although I had no “official” experience within the lodging and hospitality industry. I  
knew that my years of experience as cabin renters then a Maine vacation homeowner
“qualified” me to truly understand first hand what your needs and desires are when you
are away from home!

My mission to you is to provide quality family lodging at affordable prices. I hope your
stay is enjoyable and brings home the Maine motto of;
"The Way Life Should Be....
So Much Fun!
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